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LBB takes it's first steps into the light. Updates, Overview and Kickstarter!

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Welcome to all who are new to the Maze! This is my first post about Lock Break Battle (LBB), so I'll try to give you a general idea of what happens in the game, and whats going on.


LBB is a top down arena game, where your goal is to escape the maze. This can be done in many ways, but what you will need to start are two keys. To collect keys there are lots of elements to help you out littered throughout the labyrinth. When you run into a locked door, unlocking it will grant you access to traps.

Traps: These traps can be placed on any open tile (that doesn't have a door on it). When another player runs through a trap, they get stuck in a quicktime mini-game. They must get their sequence correct before time runs out to escape the trap, if they don't they will be knocked out. Anytime a player is knocked out, it drops a key.

Fighting: You can also just fight other players in the maze to knock them out. But be warned, your health does not recover so a long battle will put you in a bad spot. Also different character archetypes have different fighting advantages, ie. Warriors have the most health, but have a very short attack range.

Powerups: You can also taunt the crowd, asking for their support. They will show their favor by throwing in bouquets of roses. Collecting one earns you a powerup. These powerups range from increased speed, to abilities to dodge traps, and automatically unlock doors. But powerups only last for a short amount of time, longer taunts yield better powerups, with longer lifespans.

Goal: When you have your two keys you can then escape the maze. To do so you must get to the outside ring of the labyrinth and use your keys to escape through one of the gates. But you must keep track of the time remaining in the match. When only 1 minute remains, a dragon breaths fire into the middle or a the maze, it billows outward until it has consumed all. When all players have escaped or been consumed by the maze the rough is over. You will finish in the order you escape, and if you are killed in the fire, you will finish from the bottom of the order up, ie. first person to die, nets 8th place, next to die 7th, etc. At the end of 4 round the player with the highest score (decided on your placing per round) wins!


LBB has been approved for Kickstarter! You can follow the countdown on or . Monday at 9am PST the campaign begins, please support LBB it needs all the help it can get!


In the coming weeks I'll be posting more screenshots/videos and updates as the Kickstarter continues and I make updates to the game. The target for Lock Break Battle's release date is early 2013, but an Alpha and Beta will be released prior to it. Also, the Mac/Linux/Xbox Live Indie Game ports will probably fall behind the release date of the Windows version, by a couple of weeks for extra testing.

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