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Another raft of visual materials gets revealed, while the release date of this amazingly beautiful game approaches fast. Here is a description, with images, of the main visually stunning locations of the game.

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The Citadel

Guardians - iPhone screenshot

The Citadel is a fortress built centuries ago by the shores of the sea, to stand the legions of the armies of Vash, the demon-god. It features two rows of high walls, deep dungeons, a temple, many citizens’ houses, a main manor, a marketplace, an inn, and a harbor. The main religion in the Citadel is the cult of Artran, a paladin of times of old that became a symbol of virtue and strength and is worshipped like a Saint. The dungeon of the Citadel is the starting point of Loreena's adventure.

The Temple of Artran

Guardians - iPhone screenshot

The Temple of Artran is the place where the paladin and ancient protector of the city, has been stormed by the legions of Vash. Loreena needs to enter the Temple to reach for the first magic Portal.

The Forest of Cowebs

Guardians - iPhone screenshot

The Forest of Cobwebs is a very old forest. Big trees towers on a dark under wood where giant spiders build their dens. Many ancient ruins lay undiscovered in the depths of this forest. Here Loreena arrives from the portal in the Citadel.

The Abandoned Crypt

Guardians - iPhone screenshot

The Abandoned Crypt set in the depth of the Forest of Cobwebs, the crypt is the passage to a world of darkness. Inside its long corridors, cloaked in shadows, run down to the depth of the earth. Hungry undead creatures wander in the shadows seeking for living flesh to eat. The crypt hides many traps, endless wells, deadly mechanisms built to keep curious adventurers at bay.



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