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Brawl Legacy will be playable on your local PC with up to 3 other friends. You can play with 4 controllers or 3 controllers + 1 keyboard.

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Do you know the feeling which comes around whenever you think you can accomplish something yet there's this tiny little doubt in your mind? To be honest, I had such feeling about being able to implement a 4 players' local controls within the project.

The first reason is that, in computer games, we know only an handful that actually support 2 local players and most of the time, one is forced to play with a keyboard and one with a controller... or both on the same keyboard. It's impracticable in every sense of it. Before, it was mostly due to the size of the PC's screens, but now that we can hook up our PCs directly on 50" TVs with a simple HDMI cable, that reason is obsolete.

That's why our current lone developer (Maxime) tried his best at allowing up to 4 players in the game locally alike to what you find on consoles and he succeeded! The game fully recognize up to 4 controller or 3 controllers + a keyboard during matches!

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