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Is it just me, or is Contrast actually being accepted? I mean, I haven't gotten any real negitive criticism, though I can't tell if that means no onw has any, or if they just don't want to rag on it because it's so early. (Come on people! I can take it!) I've gotten 200 downloads... 200! And all my friends who have seen it seemed to like it (yet none of them have been able to download it... which could be bad...)

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Downloaded 200 times!! That's like a crazy milestone for me!
I mean... who actually gets to be the guy, wokring out of his basement on his step-dad's computer when he's not at school, publish a random file I made and decided to release, and get 200 downloads! That's absurd! I'm literally living my dream here!

And along with my... eh... 'success'?, i've also acquired a new respect for game designers. What one person sees as a enemy solider, firing rockets at their head in a cramped underground tunnel, I see as a mess of polygons and scripts that the designers probalby spent literally YEARS building and writing... all for that one guy who you'll be killing in the next few seconds with your sniper rifle.

It's rather ridiculous! Which is why i'm so thankful for the Blender Game Engine... it's a powerful tool in the right hands, plus it's free( which is nice for people like me, who's only source of income is lunch money and holiday cards!(ya know, till I get out of highschool)).

Taking a (litterally one-man team, basement developed) 'game' and posting it onto the net and expecting nothing short of "nO0b! U sux! gt 0f tEh int3RNets!!11!! F***!!!" and instead being welcomed (sorta?) by a really great community is a great experience.

Ehem... In other news...
'Contrast Episode 1', is currently in the very early stages of production. (YAY!)
And by 'early', I mean EARLY, as in, Gun attached to camera that 'sorta walks'. I guess that's what I get for starting over from the very begining. But that's because of the great hard-drive crash of... a while ago.

Though some good news can come of that incident, Contrast refuses to stay dead! While browsing through my remaining files on a skeleton copy of Blender to see what I could salvage, lo and behold, was every file from Contrasts development, from early 'Black-and-White' proof-of-concept stuff, to the textures and sound files! I even found a recently saved file of 'Contrast Episode 1', which was saved about a week after my Update video was made and about two weeks before my Hard-Drive died.
Although I won't be using it, as my approach to Ep1 has changed DRASTICALLY since then.

So... that's all I really have right now I guess.

Until next time,
Devin P - er...Tenretni Interactive

Thank you all.
Live long and prosper.
May you live in interesting times... wait, that's a curse... um...
DON'T PANIC!,and, It's made of people!

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