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This post will tell you why the design was taking so long and what I will do next after I'm done with the living room

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REASON WHY I WAS GONE FOREVER X3 (Planning on making weekly news)

Hello everybody, again, sorry for not posting much. I've been trying to attempt to make a unique level design, and I have to say, it's pretty hard to make a level design in my opinion. Another thing, school has been making me tired for the FIRST TIME (like me sleeping from 3:00 to 7:00) (If it wasn't for my dad waking me up, It would of been until 5:00 am XD) and I know, It sounds like I'm complaining, but hell, I'm 15.

Here's the pic (Not the final piece, it's the layout i'm attempting to make :3)

What I am planning to make (Updated until next week) (If I'm almost done, I'll use partial of next week's update)

(Since the house design is being complex, I'm skipping it for now so I can focus on gameplay)

. Make the student API
. Make the school entrance level design
. Make the guard API
. Make the outside enterance level design
. Make the Bus design drawing (prototype like all my pixel art XD)
. Make the outside of school design.
. Make simple Bus AI to reach the outside of school.
. Plan out the first floor school building <-- (Gonna be the last one for 1/16/14)
. Make them hallways <-- Will take forever XD
. Make the classrooms <-- same as this one
. Attempt the "Teacher AI" (Of course, SImple AI and API) <-- also this will take a while
. Make the alpha stage of the student AI and personalities
. Make the alpha stage of teacher, and guard AI
. Lay out the effects in the game (try to learn most of the effects XD)
. Re-Do the whole graphics so that it looks beautiful
. Make the time system (gonna use it for alot of stuff in this version)
. Make the layout of the bus once you get in
. SO MUCH MORE (need to stop writing this before I give myself a headache in the future XD)

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