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We are proud to inform you that we have released the new and at the same time Final Version 1.2.1 Version of the Mod!

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Hi Community,

Final Full Version 1.2.1

We are proud to inform you that we have released the New and Final Version 1.2.1 of the Mod!
This Version comprises all Patches and Hotfixes from the previous Versions.
The Installer File can be used as a Patch aswell, and updates any previous Version to the Final Version 1.2.1.
If you have already downloaded Version 1.2.0, its enough if you just download the Hotfix (See below).

Hotfix 1.2.1

For Those who already installed Version 1.2.0, we created a small Hotfix, which fixes that you get Stuck constantly, aswell that it makes the Intro Skippable.
The Mod Version 1.2.0 is required.

Mod coming to 3 Big Gaming Magazines

We are very Proud to inform you, that Living Hell: Nonamd Island 2 is coming to three Big and Famous Gaming magazins in February/March!

- Pc Games (Germany) - 24.2.2010
- Pc Action (Germany) - 10.3.2010
- Pc Gamer UK (England) - March 2010

Full Changelog Version 1.2.1

Beneath you can find the Complete Changelog of Version 1.2.1.

- Fixed getting Stuck constantly
- Intro is now Skippable
- Fixed Jammer Mission
- Re-Added deleted Bridges
- Fixed Attachments of Mates
- Fixed "Backview" for Vtol Mission
- Added Moac Weapon for Vtol Mission
- Fixed Fog not appearingly correct with Low/Middel Settings in Level 1
- Removed DOF
- Better Performance in the Bog (Avarage: 5-8 Fps more)
- Continuous getting Stuck in Objects/Stones fixed
- Ai Forbidden Areas placed
- Complete over-worked of the Intro
- Complete Intro shorter
- New Start Area with better performance
- Replacement of the Enemies
- Sniper Mission objectives added to Radar
- Fadings over-worked
- New Savepoints
- Over-work of the Music (No very long loops of the same track)
- Illogical Level Design over-worked (Oversized Rocks, Streets ending in Stones)
- Climbing up the Dam workes now better
- Added Slowmotion at some points
- Places where car got stuck over-worked
- Some Triggers fixed (Trigger Once)
- Fixed two Bridges
- Readme Updated
- Some more small things

What's to come?

In conclusion, we have a small hint for you.
Here is a the Banner and Teaser of our new project!
More Information about our New Mod will follow in the next weeks!

Stay Tuned!



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