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Huge update with tons of new stuff for the Living_City mod by The_Silver.

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The update 1.9 for the Living_City mod is now available for download, it includes lots of fixes and improvements, with tons of new gameplay content and unique features.

This huge update expands the mod with a lot of new gameplay possibilities, thanks to new features like hireable bodyguards, black marked dealers, new hideouts, fast travel points, custom outfits, raid mission, and much more.


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The_Silver Author

Living_City MOD Update 1.9 Changelog:

- Implemented BLACK MARKET DEALER that spawns in a nearby alley and sells any weapon.
- Implemented BODYGUARD ally that follows you around defending you and fighting for you.
- Implemented CALL POLICE that allows you to call for a patrol cop in your position.
- Added "OPEN YOUR WORLD" Blume Security Director office as new hideout inside ctOS Plaza.
- Added "BIG BROTHER" new hideout in Nicky's house after you drive her out of town.
- Added "NOT A JOB FOR TYRONE" Bedbug's house unlocked interior as a new hideout.
- Added "A Necessary Evil" new hideout in MadMile created from a Privacy Invasion interior.
- Added "Dirty Secrets" new hideout in Brandon Docks created from a Privacy Invasion interior.
- Added "River Side" new hideout in the Loop created from a Privacy Invasion interior.
- Added custom outfit VINCENT from the name of the Collateral movie protagonist.
- Added custom outfit ARMORED with full bodyarmor painted like Punisher War Zone.
- Added custom outfit HITMAN with black suit white shirt and red tie like Hitman games.
- Added custom outfit GUNMAN consisting in black leather biker clothing without helmet.
- Added custom outfit INMATE with Aiden's prisoner clothing from Dressed In Peels mission.
- Added custom outfit MEMORIES with Aiden's casual clothing from flashback cutscene.
- Added custom outfit DISASTER SURVIVOR inspired to the protagonist of The Division.
- Added custom outfit POLICE OFFICER which lets you dress like a CPD officer.
- Added new "Custom" category inside Wardrobe that lists only the new custom outfits.
- Improved Limited_Inventory reliability and made it execute even if loading mid mission.
- Implemented previous-weapon drop when replacing weapons with Limited_Inventory enabled.
- Included tweak that preserves saved ammo amount on game load instead of vanilla free-refill.
- Added "Armory" in every hideout which allows to buy weapons and ammo like in gunshops.
- Added "Workbench" in every hideout which allows to buy craftables like Tobias shop.
- Reduced to believable amounts the ammo you get from weapons dropped by killed enemies.
- Assigned unused SMG ammo type to all submachineguns instead of using pistol ammo.
- New SMGs max ammo 360, so new max ammo are 120 pistol, 360 smg, 240 rifle, 80 shotgun.
- Moved all ammo gunshop-items to new shop category simply called "Ammo" to reduce clutter.
- Added chance of finding random ammunitions when looting vehicle glovebox and found bags.
- Reduced to 4 items to empty a weapon slot and moved to new "Inventory Empty" cateogry.
- Made special weapons like Destroyer exclusive for gunshops and not in hideouts Armory.
- Brought back SALE feature and marked every gunshop-exclusive weapon as on sale.
- Now gunshops can offer price discounts or increases depending on your reputation.
- Added Clara and T-Bone npcs inside the Bunker hideout when appropriate during the story.
- Restored AMBUSH warning call from Clara that plays when appropriate during the story.
- Tweaked AMBUSH so if you die the mission simply ends instead of restarting until you win it.
- Restored many AMBUSH survived phonecalls of contract manager apologizing for the ambush.
- Restored "sprinklers" hack inside Prison laundry room with profile and effects.
- Replaced red Zusume-R escape vehicle of "BOTTOM OF THE EIGHT" with black Vespid 5.2
- Rebalanced rewards of new Human Traffic investigations with increased reputation and xp.
- Added barman and bar-shop to high-stakes Poker underground bar north of the Loop.
- Added barman and bar-shop to Dot-Connexion Infinite92 MayStadium unlocked interiors.
- Improved chopper's headlight position so front fender shadow doesn't obstruct headlight.
- Restored penalties for "Victim deceased" and "Criminal escaped" during vanilla crimes.
- Added new custom FastTravel points at every ctOS Tower available after unlocking it.
- Added missing Rossi-Fremont ctOS Tower icon and FastTravel point after unlocking it.
- Added white CTOS CONTROL CENTER icons to unlocked ctOS control centers.
- Fixed matte-black paint of personal Vespid 5.2 and assigned it EOK2D0 plate like in E3 2013.
- Added proper climbing and cover actions to Aiden's N3XU5 Sonarus from Car On Demand.
- Enabled button to call elevator from outside it in Rossi-Fremont unlocked interior.
- Enabled Iraq's mainframe server hack to play Rose video in Rossi-Fremont unlocked interior.
- Implemented Rossi-Fremont RAID with special rewards for killing all enemies in the building.
- Swapped all Fixers defending Quinn in "NO TURNING BACK" with Chicago South Club.
- Implemented additional check to ensure Unlocked_Interiors aren't loaded in Digital Trips.
- Added toggle to enable/disable the OwlMotel restoration mission and restored room hideout.

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The_Silver Author

- Added buyable System Keys to every Pawn Shop just like the Bad Blood skill does.
- Improved FIXER TAILING event with warning sound and additional voiceovers from Aiden.
- Improved FIXER TAILING event adding chance of Call Reinforcements to tailing fixer.
- Improved MOST WANTED event so only enemy dots are hidden instead of entire minimap.
- Improved POLICE CHASE event so cops and criminals might dismount to fight each other.
- Added rare LOTTERY WINNER civilian hack that allows to detect and steal a huge cash prize.
- Fixed rare chance of event marker misplaced underground if story still incomplete.
- Made crosshair hide while ducking behind cover and appear only when peeking and aiming.
- Added NITRO craftable consumable that can be used while driving to boost vehicle speed.
- Buffed BATTERY civilian hack to fully recharge all battery instead of only 1 battery slot.
- Added explanatory message if player fails to sneak inside Dot-Connexion unlocked interior.
- Assigned vanilla profiles and disabled dummy hacks on DedSec members inside Dot Connexion.
- Allowed Random_Events and Civilian_Hacks only in unlocked in districts to prevent bugs.
- Fixed "Restart Mission" button for all missions where it was bugged including AMBUSH.
- Fixed rare crash on some configurations in specific stage of ESCAPE ARTIST random event.
- Improved ESCAPE ARTIST so it should be easier to profile the prisoner in the back seat.
- Fixed chance of scripts erroneously autorelaunching when using "Reload from last autosave".
- Implemented failsafe script to teleport player to safety if fallen through the game world.
- Allowed starting Digital Trips from Restricted_Areas so no more "narrative event" block.
- Scripted functional sliding door to make accessible "NOT THE PIZZA GUY" apartment interior.
- Restored "Pearce Passes Bedbug" cutscene at the end of "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY"
- Included Water Color Mod created by mlleemiles that gives more blueish color to water.
- Included takedowns DoF mod by Slick that enables the Depth of Field during takedowns.

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OK but how do I get mouse control in this game
that doesn't feel like complete $H!7 ?

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Holy hell, this is everything the main game should have been!

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Is there a way to add the Spider Tank to the main game and make it enterable and able to exit like any other vehicle? That was always my biggest want for this game.

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Your game development skills are incredible.

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Can you please add silenced sniper to your mod?

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А что будет с оружием когда я запущу старый сейф ?

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