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Note: All SP news was not by me, but by the SP RGX and Admin. If you wish to stream, here are some rules to follow and a Q&A. See the content.

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If you wish to stream, here are some rules to follow and a Q&A.

Rules & Guidelines
-Your stream must be Sonic related. You can draw a Sonic character, play a Sonic game, do a commentary/review on a Sonic game or video. You can also do Sonic mods, for example a Sonic mod in a game like minecraft.
-If you use a microphone, avoid profanity
-When drawing, avoid doing anything that would offend other members. Remember a kid could be watching.
-Please do not save your work on the Livestream channel. We only have a 10 GB limit. You are free to save them on your computer and upload them to a site like youtube. If you must save it on the channel, then do so and then contact me about it.
-You can also moderate the chatroom, please follow the chat rules
-If someone else is streaming please be patient until they are done or ask. If there are too many people that want to stream at once then each member will have a half hour limit unless every member wants a different time limit.

1. How can I stream?
Procaster is the program we use. You can record webcams or your desktop with it. Also send a PM to me if you want to stream and I'll add you to the Sonic Paradox Channel Team.

2. Why can't I see the stream? It just stays on buffering!
If your using a ad blocker like Adblock Plus for Firefox disable it for that page. You may also be having connection issues. Also make sure your flash player is up to date.

3. Procaster uses up all my CPU! Help!
If you have more then one core on your CPU, you can lock Procaster to one core via the Task Manager. Right click Procaster in the Processes tab and click "Set Affinity" and set how many core you want it to use. You only have to do this if it interferes with your other programs.

4. None of the viewers can hear my microphone or computer speakers when I stream!
When recording you should see a audio mixer on the bottom left of the screen. Look to see if your microphone or speakers are set up correctly there.

5. When I start recording the Livestream is not running my stream!
Under the "Preferences" of Procaster, click "Automatically go live when broadcasting".

I will add more to this as time goes on. Feel free to send a PM to me for further questions.

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