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Prepare for the first NNK R2 Live Stream, on Sunday and Monday! Don't miss it, as you'll get plenty of info that you've been waiting for.

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Hey guys, thanks for following up.

The responses so far have been amazing. Makes me wish I could have done more to push this through...

In the next couple of days I'm going to do a live stream on which will reveal a lot of stuff about NNK R2. I'll be talking live and answering almost every question you have. lol

The things I'm going to focus about are mainly:

- What I actually do

- What my position was in NNK and what I was responsible for, as well as showing you less technical and more practical in that regard.

- What's NNK R2 current status

- What were the original plans for NNK R2

- How I approached the visualFX, Animations, Environments, etc

- Fun Q&A I'll also be giving the stable version of the game to my friends so we can actually demo things properly, live, without silly bots being... silly.

It's worth attending, I assure you. I'm not going to hold back anymore, and this will give us all a decent sense of closure I believe. I'll keep you posted on the actual time on the Naiteki Kensei Facebook page when I broadcast, a few hours in advance. ;)

Much love guys!

Here's a fun video I made. Messing around with some of Naruto's facial expressions!

- SV


Sad to see the project end like this SV. The R1 release was one of the more interesting things i partook in. In any case i wish you luck with your future endevours :)

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OrionT Author

Thanks Grega, I know. Hits me in the feels as well. XD
But it's been a fun ride, thinking about all the way to ESF and how everything came together.

It's the road that brought us here I guess.
I'm drunk, hence the cheesy-ness.

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