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Development version for new mod release candidate.

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Thomas Macabee (2022)

19/03/2023 Work hopefully resumes on my side of the attribute editing at last

I'm working on a new version of the mod, effectively starting from scratch and gradually moving in some of the assets from earlier versions / test versions / unreleased versions of the mod and uniting them at last into something playable.

Feel free to access the mod at the following link [d19m02y2024: note this link currently points to a race layout template which probably won't run because we're redoing it again, partially from scratch, with the faction cut down a little, I got bogged down before trying to fix an always_on ability on the basic troops which for some reason only seemed to trigger correctly on units controlled by the ai and then ended up not doing much more with it, it had an overly bloated amount of attribute files (mostly placeholders) at that point anyway, the new version will focus on the actual pariahs as a distinct faction rather than having all the race switching and sub-faction stuff I was messing with before (incase anyone wants it to look at, e.g. to repurpose the race switching scar code or something I'll probably upload the old version somewhere else)]
(Note: it will update in real-time whenever I work on the mod)(EDIT[12/03/2023]: or would have if I had managed work on it anymore since last year, still at least some model work happened in the background and a few new designs are nearly ready to begin implementation)

(Edit D24.M03.Y2023: Pariah Faction implementation begins again in more detail, Testing for Fyrd Ravens, Pariah_Converts and Fyrd/Initiates begins (initial tests for various abilities have also resumed))

|^|UPDATE_STATUS:(??/??/2022)[last major update to have effected the above link]

Update: 12/03/2023

The forces of the first Pariah :

My friend NickTheSad has been very interested in helping with this mod since he first saw it a long time ago, and since our recent quite successful collaboration on his beastmen mod I decided to give him his own sub faction to experiment with, hopefully with his added enthusiasm and support the mod will be back on track toward an actual release in the near future again.

[??/??/2022] (Some of the data below this point isn't *as* relevant to the current state of the mod) |V|
---- ---- ---- ----
I will hopefully update the mod again soon (as anyone who got the current version from the above link probably found out it's currently still an asset test, I've now decided on a few more details of the race; and, on the advice of my fellow modder SadNick I will be giving the player the option to select the Pariah race from the beginning of the match rather than having to take one of the two mid game routes (1. 4 outsider beacons[Kronus Pariahs(Fyrd of Macabee gradually takeover the race)] or 2. loss of monolith while pariah lab structure remains[Necron faction remnants (a weaker cut down pariah race that gives a defeated necron player one last chance at victory using just pariahs and tomb constructs)])
(3. the early game version (selected before tier1) will have access to a slightly larger unit roster and to variations of some of the unique units the previous two versions would have had, along with some extra buildings and will go through an extra 'scouting' teir (for balance purposes) giving access to squads of 'scouting auxiliaries' lead by Revenant Pariahs and a new (limit 1) Fleshweaver-Spyder (based on these two interesting citadel conversions I saw recently))

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