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Note: All SP news was not by me, but by the SP RGX and Admin. If you wish to stream, here are some rules to follow and a Q&A. See the content. Originally by Celest.

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Do not use profanity. Try to keep the chat clean.
Please try and use proper grammar. You are not sending text messages through a phone that require limited characters, so please spell out your words. EXAMPLE: 'ppl' is 'people', '2' is 'to/too', and so on.
Please only post links once every 5 minutes. We don't want the chat to be spammed with links, when half of us probably have other things to do than to view them.
Do not flood the chat. Flooding is where you post the same message, or random keystrokes, repeatedly. Doing this will result in an automatic ban for 15 minutes from the chat.
Please respect other users and moderators. Failure to follow this rule WILL result in a ban from the chat.
Do not post questionable links leading to things such as pornography or questionable material.
Act maturely. If you're being an idiot, you will be banned.
Do not get into a battle of wits with Celest.
Do not post your fancharacters in the chat. No one cares about them.
Do not role-play in the chat. This is irritating to most of our members, as well as myself, and we will not hesitate to temp-ban you.
Failure to follow any of these rules will result in death. You have been warned.

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