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Hi Guys and Girls, I think now is a good time to start a Dev Diary to let you guys know what's going on and what our plan is with Little Wisp.

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To all Gamers and non-Gamers around the world:

Hi Guys and Girls,

I think now is a good time to start a Dev Diary to let you
guys know what's going on and what our plan is with Little Wisp.

1. The Game is Unplayable/Crashes!
Since this is our first title and is also our first time in
the video game industry, our experience is limited. Also, being an independent
developer, we also does not have the funds and devices to test for every
possible crashes. For those who are experiencing this issue, please let us know
by sending a technical support email to or give
us a shout on our Facebook page at
We will use every effort to ensure our players are able to enjoy the game that
we are developing.

To ios Users, we had already updated a new version v1.1.4 to App store with a recent crash fix and are currently awaiting approval.

To Android Users, if you still have problem with the in-game map not scrolling, please send us a technical support email to in the following format:

[Little Wisp] - Technical Problem

Problem: (eg. Map not scrolling)

Device Model: (eg. Samsung Galaxy s3 Mini (golden))

Android Version: (eg. Android 4.3)

Comments: (eg. Doesn't work for all game modes!)

2. The Game File Size is too large!
While we are trying to reduce the file size as much as
possible, there is just so much we can do, considering there are many assets
such as images, animations and sounds which will only increases as we are
introducing more contents. We would rather focus our energy in bug fixes as
well as introduce more contents then trying to squeeze every bytes which will
increase sooner or later.

3. The Game is too hard / I don't know what to do!
We received a mix of comments regarding the game difficulty.
Some said they couldn't even get past the first few levels in conquest mode,
while others was able to reach level19. I think one of the reason is that the
tutorial mode have not been done well, and that it is very confusing for new
player on what to do.

So, we are going to do two thing regarding to this case:

1. Re-do tutorial mode to an easier system
2. Add in-game help menu explaining the rules of
the game.

You would noticed a "?" icon in the in-game menu which seems
to be broken. This is a placeholder for the in-game help menu, which I am
hoping to be ready by next patch.

4. Future Contents
Please note that the game is only on its first release,
there is still so much features we would like to add into the game.

Some of features we are planning to add includes:
1. Reward System
2. Achievements
3. Story mode
4. Boss fights
5. Leader board
6. Battle Mode (a PVP system)

If you have any new and interesting ideas, please let us
know! It is our goal to make an interesting and fun game for everyone.

I will conclude this Dev diary with our Development Road Map.

Development Road Map
1. Fix all Major crashes, bugs and issues.
2. Game Optimisation
3. Add in Reward System.
4. Add in-game help Manual
5. Re-do Tutorial Mode
6. Introduce Story Mode
7. Introduce boss fight
8. New Pets
9. Introduce Battle Mode

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