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Update what I'm doing right now in the Mod. What I have done until now and what will be next.

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So after working on these damn Shields for 12-13 hours I found a good way how to use them.
I looked in the STC-Mod how they made there Shields and so oh cool Subsystems so I tried the same only a little bit different and it works. What a glorious moment ^^. So what Im doing right now is doing Shields for all Ships with different SubSystemHP and Armortypes so you can see better differences between them. Like the Carriershield, it survives 48 Missiles shot from the Mothership(dunno how much it clusters) or 12 Missiles from a Destroyer. After that I will add a new Higaaran Ship thats really needed I think and will begin with testing Buildable WeaponSubSystems on some Ships so you can customize your own Fleet how you want. If it comes for Corvettes and maybe. Aaand I will try to fix the remaining "Bugs" in the Campaign. The Battle Barge is already deleted by my Version and the Marine Frigate need a Remake because by some Players its not building. So be patient. I Hope I get the next Update fast done and you can play a good Version of my Mod.


By the way which races would be affected by this?
I hope you are not going to add this to ships that shouldn't have it, unless people wants it.
This however could be a good way to create the shield of HW1 because it's not supposed to be turned on or off but is constantly activated, nor should it be targetable.

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Maybe you could choose to build either shielding modules capable of being turned on and off or shield modules which would be on cinstantly which would allow for the cloak to be installed instead and still have shields, but in this case this shield has to be a permanent one not like the other one which you toggle on and off which I guess are time limited instead of damage limited.
That way you also get a choice between which kind of shield to build.

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Silvakilla Author

Both Races will be affected, they will get Shields and the ability to customize their fleets. The Ship I will add is a Rocketfrigate, a replacement for the not really modable Torpedofrigate and that with the modules I can make them always on but with the Shields 2 Days ago would it work but they wont rotate and the "Armorshield" is working a little bit better, but is atm targetable. So I will look into it and try something with the "Armorshield".

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