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alright i have my modeling program and have been making models as you can see :) anyways PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THE MODELS I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!:)

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alright this is what is done and not done as of this moment in time
Cruisers all but the envoy and the starbase constructor
capital ships i have 3 left and one that is going to be edited
frigates all but the small colony ship which i am unsure of if they will get one
the refinery and trade ships are done :)

none none at all are done yet

they are added as a race and all thy need are character pictures buttons for their ships the research tree and the renaming of all ships and structures :)

i do need people who can make the button's for the ships and research tree :)
but not right now i also need someone to make textures but also not right know

Please tell me what you think the ships i have posted would be good for i really need to know your opinion

:) anyways have a nice day

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