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What we've been working on for the past month in Lithic.

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Hello folks, what a long month it's been – failed Kickstarter, successful Greenlight campaign! I know we've said this a hundred times but it definitely bears repeating: you guys and girls are incredible – without your support we certainly couldn't have got this far and for that I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The world of video game development is a tough one, you have been and continue to be the driving force behind Lithic, it's community and soul – again, thank you.

Anyway, before I get emotional: what have I been up to this month? Lots of little things and one big thing, the big thing being the character creation UI functionality to tie in with what Tom's been working on (I'll let him tell you about that though). The graphical elements aren't in place yet, but as soon as it I'm happy with it you'll get to see it.

This month has also seen me start to set up the other races. As we can now (mild Unity speak warning) retarget our model's skeletons to use the unity humanoid rig we can apply animations created for one race to any of the others quickly and easily. Results from testing have been really good so far – what this means for players is they can look forward to seeing extra races appear much sooner than we had originally planned, although at first they will likely share a lot of their animations with other races.

Anyway, back to development for me, These Hob-Aan aren't gonna feed themselves!

As Jon said its been a busy month, our successful Greenlight was a huge boost tempered slightly by the unsuccessful Kickstarter. Unfortunately this means we will have to use stock animation for our characters, at least initially.

We've been busy getting things ready for an early access / beta release and the main focus of this has been the menu and tribe creation. Saving and loading of characters and the tribe as both can be saved, exported and viewed independently of a game saved during play. Next I'm setting up the level loading and serialisation (saving and loading of a game) during play.

We've also had to a bit of work on the character race skeletons to smooth the transition to unity's humanoid rig.

Not much more to add, I'll leave you with a sneak peek of the menu.

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