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The mods time is coming to an end and hopefully the 1.5 will be the last release.

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Listen up guys, the mods time is coming to an end and hopefully this will be the last release. If I do anything afterwards it will just a few fixes here and there so nothing major.

I really thought the mod would take off and lots of people would download it but that hasn't really happened, that's not to say that enough people haven't downloaded the mod but I thought it would have been way more. This may sound like winning but it's how I feel about this, I would like to thank all of you who have watched this mod since it was started way back in 2011.

Anyhow here is a list of what's new in the 1.5 release
Bigger Breasts?
New Weapons
New Clothing
New Lords
New Locations
Riot Police
Changes to Hud and Gui (New ammo icon, health bar and more)
New Scenes : Traditional Japan Stronghold and Supply Depot
New Roaming Parties to fight
New Troops
Texture sizes reduced so the mod will run smooth
The new download is also way smaller than the previous due to smaller textures
Many small edits and changes

I uploaded an early version of the 1.5 to my dropbox so check that out if your interested.

Also the lower res textures that you can use with the 1.2 download as the 1.5 already has this.

Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

Well, that's a bit dissapointing...

TBH, I think you just picked the wrong game to do this on is all..

I don't really think a lot of people on Moddb have M&B.

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xPearse Author
xPearse - - 2,462 comments

Well I wanted to do the mod for this game, most people have moved to warband and at the time I started the mod I didn't have it. I did eventually get it last year but since so much work and time has gone into this version I really don't want to port it.

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Ccx55 - - 98 comments

Don't beat yourself up about it, it's like Templarfreak said. M&B is not a popular game anymore, everyone plays either Warband or the 2 expansions.

I understand that it's way too much work to port it, but just know that it'd probably be a lot more popular if it was for Warband.

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Varulv - - 243 comments

I know a lot of people who play M&B 1.011 with mods. For example, it's me and some players from Poland :D

You shouldn't feel sorry xPearse, you've done great work :)

To be honest, I love your mod, it's fantastic :)

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xPearse Author
xPearse - - 2,462 comments

Thanks guys, it's good to know that you enjoyed playing the mod.

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Xenodon - - 119 comments

I'll congratulate you and apologize to you for your amazing work. You yourself have kicked this mod off and have updated us with things probably every single day you've worked on it. This alone is a feat worth noting as most other mods only get out updates once every week or couple of weeks, whereas there was always quality work from you coming out once or twice daily. On the subject of Men of War Assault Squad, that is an amazing game, and I play it regularly, if you do make a mod for AS or the original, I will definitely take a look at it.

Thanks for a great run,

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xPearse Author
xPearse - - 2,462 comments

Yea I kinda worked my *** off on this, worked every day on the mod and im really glad some people have noticed and appreciate that.

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