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How the weapons work. Changes and important things.

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17 December 2012

  • Pistols:
    Good weapons and every pistol is different from the rest in the way you can use it.
    Glock18 (Glock 18)
    M9 (USP .45)
    Deagle (Deagle)
    USP .45 Tactical (P228)
    .350 (Five seven -Script modified-)
    Dual Xm1014 -Scripts modified so that it works like dual Shotguns!- (Dual Elites)
  • SMGs:
    Mac10/KG9/MP7 work as secondary weapons. (Mac10/UMP45/TMP)
    Bizon and G-21 (P90/MP5)
  • Machine Guns
    The M249 is so powerful that 1 bullet kills more than 1 man. (M249)
  • Rifles
    Tavor -silenced- (FAMAS)
    M4 -Centered- (M4A1)
    G36 -with laser- (AUG)
    Ak47 -sniper- (SG550)
    Ak47 (Ak47)
    G3 (Galil)
    Fs2000 (sg552)
    Sniper Mossberg -my favorite weapon- (Scout)
    Projectile Launcher -Today It does not work as a bazooka, it works as a shotgun but i'm stil working on it -it's Hl2 one- (AWP)
    Dragunov (G3/SG1)
  • Shotguns:
    M3 (M3)
    Xm1014 (Striker 12)
  • Grenades:
    200 He Grenades
  • The weapons were not made by me. Thanks to their authors. you can find them in gamebanana and other pages
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