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----------------------------- List of actual space units for all the factions, i have just posted ships that are actually done or that are planned to be done.

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United Army of Earth (Finished):
- Maverick Starfighter
- Basilisk Heavy starfighter
- ''Unnamed'' Corvette
- ''Unnamed'' Frigate
- ''Bismark'' Battlecruiser
- ''Freia'' Battlecarrier
- ''Ragnak'' Battleship
- ''Odin'' Supercarrier
Bonus ships:
- ''Baldr'' Destroyer
- ''Mjolnir'' Dreadnought

Novus Collective (Incoming):
- Novus ''Reaper'' Starfighter
- Novus ''Raider'' Heavy Starfighter
-Novus ''Ascendan'' Corvette
-Novus ''Kernel'' Frigate
-Novus ''Crusader'' Battlecruiser
-Novus ''Vector '' Battleship
-Novus ''Soulgate'' Battlecarrier
-Novus ''Millenium'' Supercarrier
Bonus ships:
-Novus ''Terminator'' Destroyer

Hellonite (Incoming)
Hierarchy Empire (Not started)
Massari (Not started)

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