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This is the list of NATO forces. Default army and special-side units and devices (v1.0).

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***NATO*** (v1.0)

Default Forces:
-Wolf MBT
-Piranha APC
-Universal Tank
-Ghost AA

-GI Guardian
-JumpJet Infantry
-Gotland Class Sub
-Hover Transport
-Arrow Fighter
-NightHawk Transport

Offense Forces:
-Chrono Tank
-Chrono Legionnaire
-Rocket Frigate
+20% Speed of land units

Defense Forces:
-Tank Destroyer
-Chrono Battery
-Gap Generator
-AA Vessel
-Force Shield
+10% To armour of land units

Support Forces:
-Naval Bomber (Submarines Destroyer)
-Heavy Bomber
-Spy Sat
-10% build time of units and buildings

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