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This is list of features in REBIRTH 2.0. Check this out

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  • Now NPC can use GL's, scopes, throw grenades and other things
  • Added Rulix and xStream AI packs from ZRP
  • Fixed NPC "crossing" (By NatVac)

Rulix Addon AI:

  • NPC can heal himself in cover
  • NPC can use grenade launchers
  • If you get close to NPC, him can hit you
  • NPC reloading weapons in fight, and after
  • If NPC get weapon with scope then use it

xStream AI Addon:

  • Now NPC can use grenades
  • If NPC get new armor then wear it
  • NPC's is now heal friends


  • Helmets have separate slot
  • Added new outfits (By djekman)
  • Added newest ZRP for fix bugs from vanilla (By NatVac)
  • rx_shoot_enable.script - more realistic recoil (By Rulix aka Bak)
  • Weapon Randomizer - easier NPC armoring (By xRatx)
  • New slots for knives, binoculars, detectors and others
  • New inventory build-like
  • Fast slots like in Call of Prypiat
  • Openable doors in cars (By unkown modder, Modera?)
  • Army now have AK-74m, stalkers have AK-47's and other cheap weapons.
  • Added sleepbag (By ABC, or other modder)
  • Damaged weapon is exploding in using
  • Added slow motion
  • And other changes which i forget


  • New weather with beautiful skyboxes and effects (By AEW 1.2
  • New particles for weapons, anomalies, explodes etc. (By r.populik and AEW)
  • Added Autumn Aurora 2.1 textures (By Autumnal Vanderers)
  • Parallax Mapping from CoP (By KD)
  • Simple vignette shader
  • Fixed bloom and gloss (By Sky4CE
  • Fixed motion blur (By Anonim and me)
  • Soft water and soft particles (By OGSE team)
  • Soft shadows (By cjayho)
  • New water (By Grifon)
  • Waving grass (By KD)
  • Added some textures for effects from Metro games (By 4A Games)
  • Changed bandits models (By Aaz)


  • Added OWR 3.0 (By r.populik, TIGG, Sam61 and other awesome modelers)
  • Added AK2012, Duplet, Knife, throwing knifes, VSV from Metro (By me and 4A Games)
  • Realistic recoil, optional (By Rulix)
  • Added more knives
  • More Russian and other West weapons
  • New weapons is given to npc's
  • M4's and other American and non-west weapons is harder to get
  • Ballistics is fixed now
  • NPC isn't walking tanks now, dead by 2-3 bullets
  • Novice stalkers have cheap weapons like Duplet, damaged AK's
  • Better muzzles for weapons and shells (By AEW and r.populik)
  • Two types of gauss, "handmade" - Volt Driver using by Monolith and prototype - original gauss
  • Old 5.56 and 7.62 wpns is basic weapons for stalkers and bandit


  • Callbacks for modders
  • Basing on 1.0007rc1 patch (By team of 1.0007)
  • Gunbobbing like in Lost Alpha
  • Slots for inventory
  • No bugtrap when engine can't find texture
  • New commands for debug
  • Bigger radius of details
  • Sprint anims for bolt, grenades, knife and binocular
  • No reload when sprinting
  • More options for modders (see this:
  • Shaders for scope is now exported to files
  • Ammo coloring like in LA
  • ECO_RENDER preventing graphic card overheat in menu
  • Multithread using
  • Added 4 core support
  • And others changes


Cool bro cant wait for a test version or for the final version

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LVutner Author

I don't give test version. I must before release fix all annoying bugs etc.

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But to be honest, TL;DR.

If it is TL;DR, then this mod is ambitious.

And probably good too..

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