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list of changes and levels this mod has made or Improved

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Known Issues:
Newspaper and Level 1&2 gun executions have bugged die poses (this can be fixed in the future)
Melee Gun AI malfunctions

Asylum 1: (Enhanced Beta Version)
Sledgehammer removed
Replaced Sledgehammer with Nightstick
Added Plastic Bag in cells
Lockers spawn Plastic Bag
Added Plastic Bag outside

Asylum 2: (Sledgehammer Version)
Added Sledgehammer at the Beginning
Removed most Syringes
Syringe executions disabled

Ghosts 1: (Sickle Version)
Replaced Bags with Cans
Replaced Hedgeclipper with Shard
Replaced Bottles with Sickle & Shard

Ghosts 2: (Circular Saw Version)
Replaced Bags+Shards with Pens (fake Shard, working die poses)
Replaced Hedgeclipper with Circular Saw
Replaced Bottles with Syringes
Replaced Sickle with Can

Ghosts 3: (Bottle/Hedgeclipper Version)
Working Bottle executions
Working Hedgeclipper
Wires swapped with Can & Bag
Sickle swapped with Bottle
First aid basement swapped with Bottle
Crowbar executions disabled

Sexual Deviants 1: (Original Version)
No Changes

Sexual Deviants 2: (Super Weapons Version)
All Weapons placed right at the beginning
Green Weapons are indestructible
First Window spawns Circular Saw
Destroy Cigarette machine to get Fire Axe
Destroy Dumpster to get Crowbar

Red Light 1: (Enhanced Beta Version with Melee Guns)
Added Melee Revolver, Melee Glock, Nightstick, Bag at Start
Replaced Bottles with Shards and Syringes
Removed Razor

Red Light 2: (Nightpaper/Bottle Version)
Working Bottle executions
Replaced Shovel and Razor with Flashlight (fake Pliers, working die poses)
Added Newspaper (fake Nightstick)
Replaced Syringes with Shards
Bat executions disabled

Best Friends 1: (Enhanced Original Version)
Added Bag & Wire in the first section

Safehouse 1: (Dildo/Bat/Bag)
Replaced Crowbar with Dildo
Replaced Sledgehammer with Bat
Destroyed Cardboard Boxes spawn Plastic Bags

Safehouse 2: (Pliers/Shard)
Replaced Crowbar with Pliers
Replaced Sledgehammer with Indestructible Shard

Honeypot 1: (Original Version)
No Changes

Honeypot 2: (Uzi+Melee)
Melee Uzi hidden in the first Section
Sawnoff Melee'd
Glock added before Shootout

Assassination 1: (Beta)
Removed Pen, C-Saw, Hammer, Shovel
More Plastic Bags
Destroy Trashbins for Plastic Bags
Melee Glock

Most Wanted 1: (Beta)
Removed C-Saw
Added Flashlight
Disabled Shovel

Ritual 1: (Custom PC)
Only level with working Razor executions
Replaced 1st Shard with Hacksaw
Replaced Hacksaw with Pliers
Replaced Bricks with Bottles
Added early Crowbar
Bottle spawn in storage
Hacksaw spawn in storage
Stunprod removed
Changed Razor slot to red
Changed Circular Saw slot to green
No: Wire/Pen/Syringe/Shard/Stunprod
Yes: Hacksaw/Bottle/Pliers/Razor!

Ritual 2: (Custom Beta)
Replaced Razor with Circular Saw
Replaced 1st Shard with Pen
Replaced Hacksaw with Stunprod
Replaced Bottles with 2 Syringes + 1 Pen
Replaced Pliers with Wire
Storage Wire spawns instead of Circular Saw
No: Hacksaw/Bottle/Pliers/Razor/Shard
Yes: Wire/Pen/Syringe/Stunprod

Origins 1: (Early Hacksaw)
Replaced Razor with Hacksaw

Origins 2: (3-Level Tranq Gun)
Replaced Razor with Melee Tranquilizer

Broadcast 1: (Beta)
Replaced Circular Saw with Crowbar
Added Fire Axe (fake Katana, working die poses)
Disabled Bat

Broadcast 2: (PC)
Working Katana, Circular Saw, Bat
Removed all Shards
Circular Saw slot changed to green

Altered State 1: (Beta Version)
Hunters with Uzis now have Crossbows
Explosive Barrels spawn Wires

Altered State 2: (Melee AR)
Same but with Melee Assault Rifle

Domestic Disturbance 1: (Beta Version)
Almost 1:1 Beta Copy
Less weapons
1 Cop and 2 Civilians have Flashlights
Bugged Wooden Spike execution implemented
2 Newspaper added

Domestic Disturbance 2: (PC Version)
Like PC but with even more Weapons

Personality Clash 1: (Original)
No changes

Personality Clash 2: (Melee guns)
All guns Melee'd (beware of AI bugs)

Release Therapy: (Original)
No changes

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