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List of all building ideas for the game in its current state.

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Salvage Yard
Convert finished items into raw materials

Generates food from planting seeds

Keep any livestock you are able to find safe from zombies

Training Area

  • Shooting range
  • Martial arts dojo
  • Zombie Exposure training, allows survivors to capture zombies and store them. They can be made docile to lower fear scores for your camp survivors or unleashed on enemy camps.

Storage Area
Holds all gathered supplies, has a max capacity and gameplay will require multiple of this building.

Medical Station
Sick survivors heal here and infected survivors can have limbs amputated to stay alive.

Sleeping Quarters

  • Wood/Metal/Stone makeshift structures
  • Cars/Trucks/RVs
  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags


  • Survivors can read to pass time while also increasing a skill
  • Books must be collected from around the map and stored at the camp to increase the library effectiveness

Watch Tower

  • Snipe zombies and enemies from a distance
  • Upgradeable to taller/more shooters/warning system

Keeps the outside and the inside separated

Build different finished goods from collected raw materials


  • Provide power to the camp
  • Opens building upgrades
  • Increases happiness
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