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Need some help before going further, this isn't a gameplay testing session, just to see if it's working or not.

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Dear Everyone!

I decided to rewrite the game in unity to support more platforms, and to make a better one overall. I don't like the concept of making a ripoff, so if you bought the original windows only game, don't worry, you will get a key for the new version as soon as it get's released on steam(and here of course).

Right now the basics are done, mostly everything is replicated gamplay wise(no editor yet though, bugs here and there, and a lot of optimization to be done, so it's not finished in any means), but before I'm going to extend it I want to know if it's runing as it's supposed to or not on linux, and osx.

If you have any of these systems, please send me a pm with your email address(it doesn't matter if you have the original game or not), with some info about your system. Anyone participate in the testing will get a key for the final game!

Thank you!

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