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Kill an unsuspecting enemy from cover... Introducing remote detonator bomb attachment, booby trap attachment, fatal wounds and more.

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I compressed time and did a lot in just 3 days. First of all I addressed some bugs that caused the server to restart, second I fixed a lot of annoying bugs that happened in the last release.

What is most cool though is I finally added a REMOTE DETONATOR for Mutants! I can't wait to blow someone up with this baby. But that's not all, I made a BOOBY TRAP attachment for the IED. So when an unsuspecting Ubermen tries to disarm a grenade KABOOM!!!

Last but not least the Scram Cannon works a bit differently now because it causes fatal wounds to the victim. So he starts bleeding to death if he doesn't patch himself up. Fatal wounds can also occur from other weapons and explosives.

Have fun.

Changes 1919-1922:

- added booby trap IED attachment (explodes when disarmed or picked up)
- added remote detonator IED attachment (detonate with action menu [E])
- added FOV option for 360 degrees view
- added improvements on ragdoll collision
- added fatal wounds which make you slowly die if not patched
- added separate cursor for pickup/drop item menus
- chat.txt is now timestamped
- fixed disconnection happening when ragdoll was missing
- player dies when fallen out of map bounds
- spectator camera can be moven with left mouse and zoomed with right
- map uses smooth again by default
- moved FOV origin higher
- disabled arrow in heartbeat detector
- modified spawn points on Warehouse (UM spawn only outside of interiors)
- fixed some collision bugs and map boundaries on Warehouse
- fixed parallax rendering on minimalist preset
- fixed grenade throwing out of hip
- fixed crash on inventory item drop[weapons]- Scram cannon is now a fast shooting rifle that causes fatal wounds
- 7% less damage on Nailer
- lots of more smoke on smoke grenades



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