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Field-of-view added, new map, bots, breathing, more realistic smoke and much more!

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Grab the first update of 2011. It will automatically download once you start LD.exe. If you don't have Link-Dead yet, go here.

What's new? I made a new map! I called it simply Warehouse and it is set in the same industrial setting as the Factory map. From gameplay perspective it is very different from the 1st map. It is more square-shaped, fights occur mostly inside the warehouse/factory. There are no mutant undergrounds and everyone spawns all over the place like in a deathmatch game. I want to try how this will work out. Playing with bots is much more satisfying on a map like this.

That's right I've made bots. Unfortunately they aren't a perfect opponent. I didn't have time to code any objectives for the bots. So they usually just sit and wait, enjoying a smoke or whatever bots do in their free time. To have fun with them you'll have to engage them yourself. Don't post any bot related errors cause I don't plan on working on them more, it takes too much time.

To play with the bots on localhost or on your server you must either generate bot paths in the editor or download these bot paths and unzip them into LD/Cache. Sorry about this, it will be automatic next time.

Pie menus are perfect now IMO. They don't interfere with the weapon aim anymore because they have their own separate cursor. This works really good.

Notice how the explosions look different now. I fixed the smoke so that now you can clearly see how the "dust processor" works. Smoke will only appear in the region the explosion occured, realistically floating under the ceiling, flowing out of windows etc.

I made even more optimizations for speed. Most noticeably I disabled the shadows for map lights. Sorry but it takes too much GPU power. If I find a way to really speed it up I will reintroduce this feature.

Last but not least: Field-Of-View. Many people complained about the lack of it. Some feel it is necessary, some feel it should not be there. Let's decide in this version. I made it a server-side option so we can test it (editable in Rules/Huntdown/huntdown.cfg).

Have fun & I'll meet you on the servers!

Changes 1880-1919:

[game & maps]

- added new map "Warehouse 1"
- added server-side option for Field-Of-View
- added bots
- new respawn points on Factory map
- new ambient lighting and fog on Factory map
- added breathing sound effect
- can aim now when climbing tiles of height 2
- intro music doesn't play if ESC is pressed on start


- fixed not able to unjam when no clips available
- fixed crash that happened after many hours of server uptime
- fixed winning team message
- fixed 2 possible causes of immortality bug
- fixed not respawning after match ended with no units left
- fixed climbing into small area and getting stuck
- fixes in player-map collision
- fixed ambient occlusion rendering
- fixed shadows becoming messed up sometimes
- fixed Ubermen armor hit effect
- fixed explosions to not hit beyond walls
- fixed head collision with ceiling
- fixed picking item from menu stopped player
- fixed rats getting lost outside of map
- fixed drill making a shitload of dust


- optimized offscreen animations
- dedicated server doesn't process sprites
- disabled shadows on map light for performance boost
- optimized visible objects for FOV
- added dust processor optimization for screen bounds
- decreased by 50% all dust and smoke
- optimized offscreen decal painting
- optimized netobjects that aren't updated


- holding crouch longer and then releasing returns to stand position
- menu cursors are now disconnected from aim cursor
- changed font of loading messages
- added loading bar instead of message were appropriate


- added map file compression (now 90% smaller)
- crashrpt adds current used config files to report
- added command \restartround
- added command \get [filename] (in server Base directory domain)
- added file downloading with display
- added auto adding bots on server (1 bot is added when there is less than 4 players)
- camera stops in place on death


- all network data is now compressed resulting in 0-50% less bandwidth usage


- new attachment icons (thanks to whitebear)
- increased visibility of dust and smoke
- map isn't smoothened by default for more crisp look (smoothed only zoom)
- fixed explosions smoke to not get beyond walls


- added zoom / unzoom (can't show whole map just part)
- modified collision edge grid is 2x smaller
- fixed new map rendering speed
- fixed brushes next button popping
- fixed brushes saving wrong noise
- fixed brush mirror and flip
- ambient map and fog isn't shown on tile edit
- added menu item for generating bot paths
- fixed reloaded texture not being saved


- added 40% more breath/fatigue sway on all weapons
- increased max distance of heartbeat detector by 30%
- added arrow indicating direction in heartbeat detector
- scram cannon reload is faster by 1 second
- fixed reloaded texture not being saved


So, is still just a beta you have to pay for (without getting the full version)?
Also, are you still planning on having a subscription fee for the final release?

If you can answer 'yes' to any of the above, then no thanks.

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Bro, you can pay even 1 cent if you are so greedy. This is alpha, not beta.

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I've paid for Silas, Overgrowth, Minecraft, Miner Wars and Cortex Command from alpha.

It's not greedy to not want to pay to test an alpha for bugs, without getting the final product; or for a product that requires monthly injections of your money.

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Michal.Marcinkowski Author

I'm not planning on a subscription model at this point.
If you don't want to pay then OK. I can just say the game is awesome and even for an alpha worth at least 20$. Instead I ask only for whatever you can pay me for it.

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