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No, really, this isn't dead yet! I'm still working, and it'll be better than ever!

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Hello all. Sorry for the bit of a hiatus recently. A few issues caused the development cycle here to slow, and I moved on to some other projects for a bit. But there has been far to much work put into this for it to just die off now. Effective immediately, this is one of my main projects again.

Now, this isn't just going to be me finishing off the current game. It was a bit too much of a conglomerate of different engine parts, and was frankly a pain to work with. So, I'm beginning again from the ground up. With the recent addition of the Steam Workshop integration and GameMaker Studio, I will be shifting to that for development. That means a much better physics engine, as well as easier updates for all of you! I will still host installer mirrors on here as well. I'll still be working with Lia's great art, but there might be a some new game-play changes. (Hopefully all for the better.)

So, just wanted to remind you that I'm not dead, and let you know what's coming up.

Notice over, prepare for testing.


I am still in! And the new engine looks great as far as I could see on your screeny you'd sent me!

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