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The tech demo is delayed due to bugs and lack of fun, school will slow down my productivity, but a short preview video is up.

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Delays and Problems

I think that I need to adress the tech demo that I announced in the previous news post and was supposed to be released at the end of this month. I was pretty optimistic about getting it done on time, but due to several factors I didn't manage to get the game quite done as I want it to be. There are a lot of bugs that still need to be fixed in order to make this look at least a bit good and some features that need to be added to make it fun, since as of now the game seems pretty boring with no goals or missions or even a tutorial. Another factor is that I've been feeling burnt out on this project lately and need some time off, and with school starting next week (which will probably reduce my productivity by like half or more) the tech demo won't be out that soon. I'll write another news article to inform you when I have a realistic release estimate.

That being said, I recorded a short 20 second clip of the current features of the game for a JMonkeyEngine3 games mashup video which you can view here. The video mashup hasn't been made yet but I'll post a link to it on my twitter account when it gets released if you're interested in it.

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