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Sigma will feature fully rendered cinematics in its single player campaign.

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It's been a bit over a month since the last release of Sigma was put here on Moddb. With a big dosage of multiplayer content and skirmish action, the one thing missing from Sigma was the single player campaign. Naturally this was because it's not finished and likely will not be for some time, but it's safe for me to say that's what I'll be working on in between balance patches. Courtesy of megadroid's campaign tools, the prologue missions are scripted and programmed at the moment and are undergoing polish. One feature that will also be prominent in the campaign is cinematics to help convey the storyline. These will be fully rendered rather then in game to get as much detail as possible in. As a sample here's some screenshot stills from one of the cinematics I'm currently animating:

Those familiar will recognize this insectoid character as Broker, a mechanic and droid manufacturer that works for the newly established Sov military. She's a bit of a dear character to me, and I do hope the dark lighting and creepy atmosphere will set a nice dichotomy for what is to be a very touching scene. I guess the verdict will come in when I finish animating it.


you did this??? the graphics are good as 'Halo: Reach'! where did you learn to do graphics like this???

And why hasn't anybody commented on this???

First post! =D

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