Below are shots of the final lighting for the battle arenas, and also the scenes before they were altered, and using a simple directional light. I also talk about the issues I faced when lighting the scenes, and how I overcame these issues.When Lighting the Avian Scene the main issues I faced was ensuring the shadows cast by the platforms gave a sense of real depth to the arena, I also tried to enhance this by darkening the texture slightly for the avian floor piece. Other issues I encountered was making the platforms a focal point, while still ensuring that the planks were not out of place and to dark.Achieving this balance was achieved by using point lights compared to spotlight sand ensuring there was a soft falloff, this allowed the focal point to be the platforms, but also ensured that the planks stayed lit.

Creature Battle Lab Avian 001

Creature Battle Lab Avian 002

The animal Scene was one of the easier scenes to light, this was due to the shapes being fairly simple, and there being key focal points.

Creature Battle Lab Animal 001

Creature Battle Lab Animal 002

The battle arenas, Botanical Scene was one of the hardest scenes to light, as it had a very dense set of grass plinths. Due to me wanting to create a dense jungle like theme I had to ensure that there were deep shadows, but this then caused the grass that was facing away from the central point light to look very dark. As a result I used a large array of filler point lights and spotlights to bring the grass facing the player out of shadow while not compromising the rest of the scene. I also had a high bounce intensity for this scene allowing any light areas to be considerably light, while ensuring the darks stayed dark.I also used dramatic lighting on the venus fly trap’s face to make it stand out from the rest of the scene, and a strong rim light across the leaves to make it really pop from the background.

Creature Battle Lab Botanical 001

Creature Battle Lab Botanical 002