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Let's talk about what have been made to enhance the game experience, lighting rework, dynamic sky and dynamic ocean with wave. I also added good looking health and mana Orb.

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Hello everyone, I'm Julien, the Owner and Developer of the game project “Lost World”.

I've been working to improve the player experience of the game for the last month and today, I'd like to update you all with what I've been doing. While I lead a busy schedule, future updates may be a tad erratic. However, if nothing comes in my way, I'll try and release monthly updates of my progress.

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Performance, to reduce lag and make sure that the game runs better, trees in the background will automatically be replaced by a low poly counterpart model. Lightning has also been reworked due to bugs. I proceeded to rewrite the Grass Shader, which in turn has reduced frame drop and improved the player experience. For various reasons, there were complications the first time around due to not doing it correctly.

Coding, house building is almost done. I will update you more next month about that particular topic.

Eye candy, “Health” and “Mana” orbs have been updated with new models. There's also new game Assets, specifically new textures and models. Placeholder animations have also been added that will be replaced by better versions in the near future. Regarding the “Health” and “Mana” orbs, due to some worries that it might not fit the First Person perspective, I may change them in the future. Please do share your thoughts on this matter by commenting below.

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Town Management

Basic construction

Ocean Biome

Basic Fighting

Basic Crafting

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As registration is required to play the game, you can easily find the information needed to register for the game by clicking this link. Do it today, your grandchildren will thank you. But then you’ll realize that you don’t have grandchildren and naturally assume you are insane.

An official Alpha test will be held later this year, probably something like December. I hope you'll support me and enjoy playing the game.You can always vote to greenlight the game and help me, I would appreciate this immensely. For future updates of this, please subscribe to be notified of future updates. :)

Thanks for reading,

Creator and Developer, Julien Green.

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