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Lightbender is a bright, colorful, and fun puzzle game based on the physics of light. It’s about manipulating beams of different colored lights to hit the targets. Use prisms to split the lights, mirrors to bend the lights, lenses to combine the lights, and dark matter to invert the lights! Play 240 puzzles with 5 difficulty levels! You can even build your own puzzles! Challenge your friends by sharing your levels.

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Lightbender is a physics puzzle game that is based on manipulating light by changing its color and direction. In order to do this, there are 4 tools that you use to bend the lights.

  • Mirrors: Use mirrors to reflect the light to a different direction.
  • Prisms: Use prisms to break lights; much like real physics, white light consists of three parts: red, green, and blue. Passing a white light through a prism will break it into three new beams of red, green, and blue. Similarly, yellow lights break into red and green; magenta lights break into red and blue; cyan lights break into green and blue.
  • Lenses: Think of a lens as the exact opposite of a prism. Instead of breaking a single light into many, a lens will take multiple lights and combine them into a single beam of another color.
  • Dark Matter: Dark matter has strange properties that actually invert light that passes through it. Think of it this way: a cyan light is made of green and blue, but does not have red in it; therefore, passing a cyan light through dark matter will turn it into a red light, and vice versa.

I have built 240 different levels for this game, and will continue to release new levels via free DLC as time goes on.

The game also has a built-in level designer, where you can create, upload, and share your own levels with your friends and the Steam community. Every month, the top games created by users will be converted into downloadable DLC, and the user that created the level will get something special in the manner of Steam fare, whether that's a trading card, a badge, etc. This I have not decided upon yet.

The game is in full 3D, but does feature a flat 2D companion app that will be available for download on both iOS and Android. On this app, you will be able to link your device to your Steam account and continue playing the game, designing levels, etc. on the go. This mobile version will be completely free for anyone who owns the Steam version, however there will also be a standalone version that anyone can purchase if they don't want to get it on Steam.

Two trailers, including a teaser trailer and a gameplay trailer, as well as several screenshots are featured on the Steam Greenlight ( page.

We've already received marvelous feedback on the game, and we are always looking to improve it further. Any and all suggestions are welcome, and if you like the game, why not give it a thumbs up?

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