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Explore a massive 0.1 mm scale natural world in DoN's Lifecycles Act 2 update. Dwarfed by Prey, Dwarfed by Predators, but born to conquer "The Great Outdoors!"

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The Lifecycles Party has officially begun!

Drunk On Nectar's biggest Steam update is here!

With 4-6 hours of absolutely unique content never seen or done in any other format before, come experience life as a 1 mm sized Jumping Spider who must survive, grow and conquer "The Great Outdoors" - a rich nature landscape teeming with thousands of prey swarms, massive predators and surprise and adventure at every turn.

Here's a glimpse of the rich variety of forms and adventures released in this Steam update!

Unique Features, Incredible Creatures

With unprecedented features such as "Prey & Predator Parallel Lifecycles", "Population Density Simulation" (for massive prey swarms) and a dizzying number of ways to Hunt and Subdue your prey, Lifecycles Act 2 blends the Simulation, Sandbox and Action genres along with educational narratives and deeply addictive gameplay.

Nine Action Packed Instars (Life stages)

Your goal is simple: To grow bigger and bigger onto adulthood while subduing prey that keeps growing larger (and more dangerous... watch out for those spiky Grasshopper legs!) along with you, while also outwitting fierce predators who're always on the look for a delectable Jumping Spider to eat or to parasitize for their young (Nocturnal Wasps stalk the skies at night, so better build a silken nest before going to sleep!)

Part 3

Youtubers - Check out Lifecycles Act 2!

With over 10 millions views on Youtube already, this is the perfect time to join Drunk On Nectar's growth story! Create unique and engaging videos for your channel on the back of Act 2's absolutely unique and never-seen-before gameplay, while helping the game out too. It's a Win-Win for everyone!

Lifecycles Act 2 is ideal for a multi-part video walkthrough as every life stage needs around 20-30 minutes to complete and there's a total of 9 life stages (instars) for you to cover on your channel or website.

Come, join the Lifecycles Party!

The Road Ahead

Act 2 has already been very well received by players with a large amount of feedback mail and Steam discussions about this unique update already underway.

The next few weeks will be devoted to fixing bugs, polishing Act 2 and improving the overall game.

Shortly thereafter, Lifecycles Act 3 - Mating and Reproduction beckons arrival!

For now though, please enjoy this Lifecycles Act 2 update! :)

With ❤,

Venugopalan Sreedharan

(Developer of Drunk On Nectar)

(My Steam Dev Page)

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Thank you! :)

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