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I would like more comments. Not only concerning speech below but about modifications. Make me learn how to do the damn movers in the end, people! Active! Active not only here, in life, too! Forward, only forward.

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To start I would like to congratulate you on the beginning of autumn. Of course , this is sarcasm , nature goes a long dream, and we are waiting for the cold. This is not good , and even study meets his new victims ... So on this day I released the latest ( I do not know , I hope for it or not I hope) version of its cute work on a good game. I would like to believe that it is to your liking , but just as I am ready to meet constructive criticism. Not least because he had promised and has not released new maps. Well , the topic is still another , I digress ...
Well, when was the summer holidays and bad, when he was over in the autumn , for now will rain (like I had that day ) will be cool and dirty. The risk of ... It is bad when there is no one to support in such times . Need friends , we need the other half . And then everything will be on the shoulder problems at work, at school, in life ... eventually fall will seem romantic , but not sad at times . By that I 'm ... People . Need to stick together . You have to be tolerant of one's neighbor and to receive the same in return, ungrateful people do not so much (and they probably just offended life were that "cured " ) .
In any case, I want you to have everything was fine ( my modification worked , there were some new friends and a promotion at work ... m-m-m ) . Smile!

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