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My own thoughts about this life and this cruel world.

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Life is hell or not?

I just can`t understand. All my life i feeling this pain. Pain of blaming. All my life I am constantly accused of something I did not do. Its started to be really annoying. And i can`t understand, why God is accepting it? I always had difficult ways to victory. Many people having victories every day, but my victories were really hard to get.

I will not be silent and i must say, i have a lot of people in my country, who don`t like me. I even know full forum, which members are against me. I didn`t even think, that in this world can be the whole community of evil and cruel people. I started to see violence of people everywhere. Everywhere is violence and cruel situations. Why this world is so... evil? Why we are evil?

As i said before, in my New Canon universe, i have only one idea - Evil Humans. We are too cruel creatures in this world. Evil is always within us. But we can`t see it. We thinking that its normal and good. But when will be time of our enlightenment? when we all will wake up from this terrible dream?

Who knows.....


Hey man, don't give up. If you accept that pain, you'll never win. You must resist.

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