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I am currently working on the licence server for the game, so when you purchase a copy you get given a licence key and have to enter it in before you can play.

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The licence registering will work by the game connecting to a secure webpage and sending the details. First of all it will check if the licence entered exists, if it does it will then check if it is claimed, if it is not claimed then you will own it and your username will appear next to it on the database. It will also record the IP it is claimed from and the time and date. To prevent the potential of someone randomly guessing a licence key we will only generate a key when a copy of the game is bought. This should help to prevent hackers harvesting licence keys. To further prevent people from decompiling our code and then helping themselves to the game code, all the licence requests will be sent via secure HTTP too a webpage which will then handle the requests, instead of directly handling inside of the application. The game will then receive back a confirmation code which will then allow you to register and therefore play the game.

On other news, the other developer working on this game, Michael, is currently working on the Questing system, which should hopefully be fully dynamic in such a way that we can create big main quest lines but also in a way which means that completely random quests can be generated by the game its self. The quest system will work by loading the information from XML files, which will allow for users to create their own quests incredibly easily. A creation kit will be released shortly after the release of the game to allow people to easily create their own mods and quests. On the topic of modding, I really want to embrace the whole modding scene and make it incredibly easy for almost anyone to create a mod for the game. It will be too such a level as that people will be able to create their own maps and effectively their own games and just load it into the game with ease.

I know this has been a very text heavy news post, but these things were quite important to talk about.

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