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An article about the Levelpack 5 of Gravix with a list of features and a spoiler

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Hey Guys, so, we have just broken the 1000 Visit's limit, well done and thanks to all!

I decided to give you a little spoiler of Levelpack 5. In Levepack 5, the gameplay as you know it is going to change completely! It is going in outer space and guides you right into a real mission: Destroy the 'TechMechs'.

The new update contains therefore:

  • New Multiplayer Maps!
  • End of Levelpack 3
  • Levelpack 4
  • Levelpack 5
  • If my sound designer is fast I am going to implent professional music, unique in Gravix
  • Better 2D graphics, see this article
  • Improvement of graphic

For the next update I am going to redo over 30 Levels to redesign them, add a online support for at least highscores and we are going to the end of our story in Levelpacks 6/7. Stay tuned and enjoy this picture of upcoming Levelpack 5.

RELEASE: 10.10.2010

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