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We glad to show you a leveling system we working on now.

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We glad to show you a leveling system we working on now. There are six attributes player can upgrade:

  • Throwing speed - Increase drink throwing speed by 1.5% per each point
  • Damage bonus - Increase damage by 1% per each point
  • Tips - Increase money player receive for each drink by 1% per each point
  • Life - Increase life per each point
  • Knockback - Increase knockback distance by 0.1 meter per each point
  • Freeze time - Decrease visitor's move speed by 50% by 0.1 seconds per each point

Leveling system

We also improved authorization system, and now it's support all related features, like sign up, validation, restore password.


And as bonus, we want to show you new character arts, our artist working on!


All that features will be added soon to demo preview in couple of days.

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