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We have completed work on all the assets for the first level of Velisia, the Village of Redshire.

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Redshire Level Art Complete:

Welcome to Velisia, a turn based strategy made for the XNA Framework, we are currently in the pre-alpha development phase of the game working towards a first playable prototype with all game functionality. We have just finished work on the art assets for the first level and couldn't wait to let you take a look at what we've been upto.

Our maps are created using a blend of 3D models and hand drawn sections, the 3d assets are rendered and textured in a manner to also give them the illusion of being drawn.

UI Interface

The above image shows the entire of the level at once, this is how the game will look when the map is fully zoomed out in transition between the activation of two of your characters. Once you have selected which of your characters you will activate next, the map will be zoomed right into the action and allow you to move your next character. Once zoomed in your gameplay window will look much like the picture below allowing you to to see the detail that has gone into the assets for Velisia much more clearly.

UI Interface

Level One - Main Town BuildingsLevel One - Main Town Buildings
Above: The Blacksmith and Tavern for the village of Redshire as they looked as 3D models.

Work had already started on the assets for the second level with most of them already finished, our two artists Andrew Murray and James de Silva are now hard at work implementing them into the level map itself and finishing the ground texture around them.

As for Redshire, it will be my job to take the level map into our level editor and add all the gameplay features, enemy actors and scripting that will bring the gameplay to life.

Coming Soon!

  • Heavy Ability Animation Videos
  • Mountains of Tarn Level Preview
  • Updated Level Music Tracks

Hope you come back to see these exciting updates.

Chris Wilson
Project Lead

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