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The development team has been discussing the possibilities for other levels to be developed, and we decided that we would open up this discussion to the community here on ModDB. We have compiled a list of levels which we think would yield a great playing experience, so please vote for the two planets which you think would be best.


For vast millennia, space-faring sentient beings barely new of Abraxous' existence. Because of it hostile climate, lack of life, and overall grotesque panorama, they have left it alone. Its surface is but cooled magma left from the deposits of thousands of volcano spewing magma as it was slowly created, then cooled over the thousands of years it was left unscathed. An with no biological compounds to break the rock and slowly create a terraformed world, it remained unchanged, unaltered and lifeless. It was not even a ghost planet, but a stagnant dead planet. Then the mining projects began.

The surface of Naboo was covered by dense swamps, rolling grass plains, seas and verdant hills. The largest mountain chain, the Gallo Mountains, bisected the largest continent and divided the great grass plains of the north from the Lianorm Swamp and bayous in the south. South of the Lianorm Swamp was the great Paonga Sea, where at the bottom lay the Gungan city of Otoh Gunga. The Lake Country was an area known for its natural beauty, and was home to many vacation estates.

Raxus Prime
Raxus Prime was a highly industrial planet covered with immense factories, sealed living habitats, streams of superheated run-off water, rough-hewn quarry pits, vast debris fields and toxic lakes. Most of the planet's residents lived in sealed environments near industrial facilities where they worked. Tunnels connected living areas with work bays, storage hangars and infrastructure units.

Ilum was the ice planet home to many of the Adegan crystals used in the construction of Jedi lightsabers. The caverns containing the crystals were long ago turned into a Jedi temple. Unlike the crystals of other planets, the crystals of Ilum could only produce green and blue lightsaber crystals.

Trandosha, also known as Dosha or Hsskor, was the home world of the warlike, reptilian Trandoshan species. It was located in the same star system as Kashyyyk, the home world of the Wookiees. The planet largely consisted of lush jungles, mountains, and rainforests. Various rustic Trandoshan camps existed throughout the planet.

How To Vote

To vote, there are two available options. The preferable option is to visit this Crymod forum thread and vote for your two favorite planets. If you do not wish to do this, it is also acceptable to post a comment to this news post, naming your two favorite planets. If you post more than two I will choose your first two listed planets. Either way, it is acceptable to post an alternative planet or two which are not on the list if we have foolishly left out one which would be an excellent choice.

Now is your opportunity to have a say in what we develop, so let's see what you all come up with! Thank you for your continued support and feedback, we really appreciate it!

-- Power of the Force Team


Definitely Illum and Raxus prime, dont see much of either in the star wars games

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I will go with OMG!72 i only saw raxus prime in the star wars clone wars on the gamecube and Illum was in star wars empire at war on the pc.

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Yes, it's nice to see areas that don't get much "screen time" but there's also something to be said for visiting familiar areas. Naboo is the only planet on the list that we've seen in the movies. It might be nice to see the green hills and the city of Theed in CE2. I agree that we DEFINITELY need to see Ilum though.

SOOO... I guess it's Ilum and Naboo for me. Though I'd hope to see the other later on (maybe post release.

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Ilum should be fun. But anyone would be cool to see.

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