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About the level which is being designed, Screenshots, what will be added, ideas to add in the design, the goal and how far the progess is.

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this late afternoon/tonight the first level will be continued,
if you have an idea you always can say it in the comments.

i like to get ideas from others like you what you like,
because you're probely will be one of the players.

currently i am busy on the old section of this level,
a rusty, outdated section of the space station so far.

notice that this game doesnt have 1 style,
its variate from sci-fi to urban maps etc.

what will i make this late afternoon / tonight is:
- Steampipes under the peforated metal where you will be walking on
- Airlock [between special sections for special in game features [will be explaind in concept idea]
to be continued

Screenshot of the current state of the level part i am working on:
Old section of the level in design progress

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