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Talking about Design choices during Level Design, what problems we have faced and how we are excited for you to look at our interesting idea within the stealth genre.

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Hey guys Jordan here, just to tell you about our design process with level design.

First when the team started as 2 level designers as lead we tried to come up with a unique perspective on the stealth genre and try to implement it with the level design.

Environmentally it's hard to choose creative and new innovative things especially on a limited time frame where most of your idea's are trased because it would take to long to make, so we ended up deciding that a overworld or "hub" where you can access differant levels where the levels have certain requirements and differant puzzles based on what you have collected was a good idea.

This allowed us to branch the level design out and come up with a "map" for the overworld like Super Metroid, and give the player more choice in how they play the game before they reach the final level "Master Computer".

We looked at other stealth games and they did not really offer some sort of "overworld" that you can explore, unfortunatley we wanted to branch this out even futher but again timeframe does not help.

Were looking forward to your feedback on our overworld idea and we hope you enjoy our game!

Expect more news soon!

CaitSithz (Jordan) <3 Level Design

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