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Check out the first preview of one of the levels of Gunload.

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Pier Pressure

For this update, we will take a small sneak peak at a level from Gunload. It is set in a wharftown/boardwalk environment that has been taken over by hostile forces. It is a fairly simple A to B level, with a single locked gate that requires a key, and a few different pathways interconnecting it all. This is a learning experience for both players and myself, and is the first level I am working on.

Everything is placeholder and still very early WIP; there are no doors, glass on windows, objects/props, limited textures, basic lighting, etc etc.

The first area; an under construction office building with an awning players jump from to get on top of another building that leads them to the next area.


A gate is blocking the way; a warehouse players need to get in from through the roof houses the key.


A more boardwalk area that will have a few different shops and flair aplenty.


A restaurant/bar players can check out for extra goodies.


And finally, an overhead picture of the entire map so far; the end of the map is still being designed.


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