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I can now confirm the amount of levels included in Darkness Revealed!

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The exact amount of levels included in my mod will be 21, with 5 of these being purely cinematic.

The exact list (in rough playing order) with their likely release names and percentage completed is:

Arnane 70%
Academy1 100%
Deleano1 10%
Deleano2 7%
Academy2 100%
t1_base 90%
t1_body 5%
t1_cult 45%
t1_sea 45%
t1_rouge 5%
Academy3 100%
Incandeso 40%
Academy4 100%
t2_space 80%
t2_race 2%
t2_dark 2%
t2_trans 0% (cringe)
t2_junk 0%
Academy5 100%
Acid1 99%
Acid2 70%

The Academy levels are, as in base JKA purely cinematic.

I am also still looking for someone who can volunteer to join me so that I can release this mod reasonably soon. As you can see, I still have a lot to achieve, and not just in mapping but scripting all of the cut scenes as well!

Work has also begun on the sequel "March of the Empire; Destinies' Rise," with 3 levels already in progress. I fully intend to release these mods; I've worked too hard on them for too long already to leave them in mid production!

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