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Time / Date: 2002 Game: Half Life 1, mod The very first mod I have ever made.

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Watch, Let's play The Dark Secret One

Part 1 Let's go on vacation:
Part 2
Tesley House
Part 3 Strange Wilderness:
Part 4 The Water Corrosion:
Part 5 Exit Corrosion:
Part 6 Freefall:
Part 7 Mr Woods Property:
Part 8 Back to the Tesleys:
Part 9 Livestock:
Part 10 Beyond the Cellar:
Part 11 Mountain Hallways:
Part 12 Smallburg Our Town:
Part 13 The Hospital:
Part 14 Lakeside View:
Part 15 Underneath:
Part 16 Sector B, Down the rabbit hole:
Part 17 The Sewage Systems:
Part 18 The Borderland Systems:
Part 19 The Beginning of the End:
Part 20 City Hall:
Part 21 Levin:
Part 22 The Altar of Sanctity:
Part 23 The Water Maze:
Part 24 Please let me out:

A Save game file for

Video Part 11

The Dark Secret1 - Map ds30.bsp.

Reason for upload...Yeh, during my Let's play I discovered no matter what I did, I got stuck to the floor. I could have fixed this...but I might be a bit lazy.
So here you have the SAVE file.
Sorry for the delay


Good, now i'll be able to see where I went wrong with this game.
I could never find my way with this mod. The canals had me stuck.

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