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Well, I just noticed we didn't post any news since the indiedb page was created, so I guess I'll start ^^

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Well, I just noticed we didn't post any news since the indiedb page was created, so I guess I'll start ^^

First, introductions. My name is Matheus, I go for the nick of MatKrulli and I'm working as a game designer in this project. I'm mostly working on level design, polishing/developing the game's design that Joe started and generally making sure the project goes ahead.
Joe is our artist and he's also the one who came up with the general game idea, story, characters and such.
And, finally, there's Saulo, our coder.

Now, for our objectives. Right now, we're trying to finish the first few levels(that'll kind of act as tutorials) so we have a nice playable demo and either go for a kickstarter or try to find a publisher. Naturally, the kickstarter is preferred, but we're still keeping our options open. We hope to have whichever one running before late January. Also, if you like the game idea and want to comment on whether we should start a kickstarter or go for a publisher, feel free to comment either here or in the forum ^^

And, last but not least, how we're doing. Right now, we have the first few levels figured out. Both art and code are progressing at a nice pace, the only problem is that we're needing an animator.
Joe can animate, but he' already got his hands full with concept and scenario art, so we'll probably need an animator. Thing is, it has to be a pixel art animator(since that's the art style we're going with), so we're having some trouble finding one. That's pretty much the greatest problem we have right now(btw, if you know a pixel art animator(or are one!) and he's interested, please send me a message ^^) . As for music, we have it figured out and have plans b through z, so that shouldn't be a problem XD

Oh, and make sure to go to the forum, I've left some boards in there if anybody wants to comment on something or ask questions and am taking a look every now and then.

Well, guess that's that. See you guys next news post ^^

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