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Small piece of info about people who works on They Hunger Again.

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Let me introduce our team

Currently, four people are working on They Hunger Again. They are: programmer/level editor, photographer, UV-mapper and assistant. Actually, one more member is always with us—is an old good known Nail Manke, who is an original performer of They Hunger game design and idea.

Roman Lenko
Roman Lenko (Ukraine, Kiev)
programmer, level editor, 3D-model maker and project coordinator

Perhaps, you already know me,—I’m an author of all the text and screenshots on this ModDB page. I’ve started to work on They Hunger Again a year ago and, starting from that period, my life were turned to some “little hell”, where all free time is spent on mod development—I will tell you about it another time :)

My role is: “to make this everything come true” as main, and Source Engine programming, Hammer Editor levels mapping, custom 3D-models making, quality-control and writing of this text in Google Documents before publishing, as well :) Also, there is some small tasks, like They Hunger website—but this only a small piece of overall work on the mod.

Any of you, my dear visitors, can always contact me @Facebook, if you have any questions about They Hunger,— I will answer to you with pleasure.

Anastasia Sova
Anastasia Sova (Ukraine, Kiev)
photographer, textures maker

A talented amateur photographer, who makes a shots of nyan cats and game textures as well. She is an author of mostly all custom textures that will be used in They Hunger on Source (yeah, we using our custom hi-res textures) and also a skilled Photoshop user, who makes it all looks pretty.

Andrey Kizilbashev
Andrey Kizilbashev (Russia, Samara)
an assistant in maps making, consultant, tester

A third-party mods developer, who performs various routine work, such as maps carcass drawing and levels testing. He also something skilled in Source Engine, so helps with solution in different situations.

Andrey, also, working on his own mod, which you can check at ModDB and, maybe, find interesting to you.

Anonymous guy (Russia)
UV-mapper, 3D-artist

It’s strange to tell this, but I really don’t know much about this guy, except that he is a 3D-artist and skilled in UV-maps drawing:) He works as a freelancer and I can recommend him to you, if you need someone who is skilled enough in drawing arts for your mod or project.

Neil Manke :)
scenarist, levels designer

Yeah, all Black Widow Games team is always with us too :)
Thats all for now. We are working hard and hopes for your support; if you wish, you can donate us some 1$ at — it will be used for game needs.

Enough of chit-chatting for now,— It is time to open a Hammer and draw some new maps. I will publish some other information about game development at this page in few weeks, so track this mod, if you like it.

Roman Lenko,
project coordinator.

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