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Help the Lester, eat all the cheeses the home and have fun with it!

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Lester grew up in a house where had no cats, always stealing cheese from the owners, every day cheeses disappeared, until one day the owners with anger, decided to adopt several cats, in order to capture Lester. Despite the various cats, Lester always steals cheeses.

The game contains:

* Lester - A mouse with a lot of hunger and looking for cheeses all over the house.

* Cats - Running fast behind Lester .
* Humans - Slower than Lester, but the shield of the store does not protect Lester.

* Mousetrap - Hold Lester for 3 seconds.
* Poisoned Cheese - Leaves Lester slow.
* Oil Stain - Makes Lester unable to change direction for 1 second.
* Cat Lair - Lester stuck and turns him into a cat, luring other enemies to him.
* Box - Small obstacle that Lester can push through the stage.
* Doors - In the house there are some doors that open and close, making it difficult to Lester to enter.

* Cheese - Feeds Lester and add points, so he can buy improvements in the store.

Power Run: Lester gains a turbine and a great speed.

Save System: So you do not lose your Records.

Records System: For you to see your highest score.

Shop System:
* Acceleration - Increases Lester's acceleration every 3 seconds.
* Deceleration - Increases Lester's deceleration rate every 3 seconds.
* Max Speed - Increases the maximum speed that Lester runs every 3 seconds.
* + Power UP Time - Increases Power Run time by +5 seconds.
* + Size - Increases Lester's size.
* Shield - Activates a Shield in Lester every 20 seconds that protects it from cats.
* Mouse House - Lester gains a house, where it is protected from all enemies and enemies that collide with it are destroyed.

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