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yea.. Maybe i'm not working as much... But i won't quit working :3

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First of all, check out these images. Taken directly from the game by Alvaj19

Now to the main topic:

As my early access people (from now on i'll call them ES = Early Supporter) already may know... I'm taking a little break with making the game. Honestly... I work from 8 to 16 hours a day, i had to remake the game, make 3D models and rooms all by myself. Yea... U c? So. I won't work as much for a while, i'll try to work less (it's hard to not, i love doing it) but i get streest more then pleased at the moment. But because i love to work it's hard not to. Making games is my life. And i'm only 13! And i want to live by making games! And i know it's possible. Alot of people reading this prehaps just thought; what? He's 13?? Welp, f•ck this game! But honestly... Does age matter? As long as it's done right if you ask me. Just like Scott, look at him, he started at 13 and look at him now. He made one of the most interesting storys in gaming history!

He got years of practice... I got 1.5 year(s) just think about what i can become?
Anyway... Back to topic;
I was chatting with this modder... And he cancelled it because he worked to much and people didn't respect him having a so called "life". But i'm not the type of guy that gets mad ir tired easily.
So if you think i mean anything negative... Your wrong, i try to stay possitive
But yea, i'll still work on the game, just not as much. Instead of 8 to 16 hours. Maybe 3 to 6 a day. Maybe 6 to 10 every second day... Idk

P.S. -if alot this sounds negative. It's because i'm tired and a little mad the time i'm writing this

Now to the games confirmed section:
I officially confirm; that after FNiM3, there will be FNiM1 and 2 (4 is not confirmed yet)
I'm thinking of already putting them up on indiedb, but i'll finished FNiM3 firat before i work on the others

Well, this was a long post if someone actually did read it all = amazed
I like how i can write all this... But still can't make a 1 page homework :3
Have a nice day



Wow 13. I am 13 swell and I have started using Scratch but never did anything big.
So could you help me via email?
I can learn a lot from you and making games is a dream come true.

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LucasionGS Author

Sure... Maybe add me on Skype or steam to talk about it, i would love to learn you

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I don't have Skype or Steam :(

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