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We got the entity interpolation right, only to find bugs in the hit validation part.

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Compared with the test we did last week, we're in the opposite position now. Entity interpolation runs OK, while the hit validation doesn't. And just like the previous weeks, we have a new audio file for you:

AvP2 Team Fortress Mod for Aliens vs. Predator 2 Videos & Audio - Mod DB

This time around, besides Guus and Ed, I was joined by Matt (Moose_Head), who finally got himself a microphone, and Jeff (The_One), the administrator of

We reached an opposite conclusion than last week: while lerping worked out good (as seen in the video below, the movement of the players is very smooth, despite my 280 ping) while the server hit validation didn't match. As a result, we had 87% of our hit claims labeled as miss. And that was anything but funny.

As you can see, despite the high ping, you can still see the players moving without them being warped all over the place. Hopefully next week we will get the Ok - OK combo, not the fourth one (NOK - NOK).

As every week, the podcast and the test can be further commented on the feedback forum topic.

Again, your next test's cheeky girl,

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