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The newest beta build of Legionwood 2 is now online, bringing much needed bug fixes and combat tweaks to the table.

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Beta 3.2 of Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is now online, which offers a few tweaks, bug fixes and small additions to the game.

Changes to Beta 3.0 and 3.1 include:

- Donation trays at churches are now fully functional. Donate 10 Kyphers for a 1 in 4 chance of getting a morality boost, or donate 400 or 800 Kyphers for guaranteed morality boosts (1 point for 400 and 2 points for 800).
- The Rusty Helmet in Dead Mountain (as part of helping the Revenant) can now only be picked up once, instead of an infinite amount of times.
- Most stealable battle-use items (such as Silk Sack and Eye Stone) and rares (such as Hannelores and Malt Ciders) have had their sell price reduced to 1 Kypher. This is because they used to sell for thousands of Kyphers and some players were farming money by stealing them over and over, which was breaking the game's balance. General items and sellable loot items (Chitin Scale, Wolf Pelt) have not been changed.
- The intro area now teaches new players how to save, and reminds them to do so often.
- Selecting "no" when asked if you want to watch the game's intro now actually skips it, as opposed to going into an infinite event loop.
- Tweaks have been made to several classes. The Defense and HP of Gunners, Rangers and magic casting classes has been slightly increased, and Magus and Cleric weapons (ie. Gold Sceptre) now grant a small Defense boost as well as Intellect and Wisdom.
- The Focus Headband and Shoulder Pad grant 5% more HP now. This is to offset the 5% penalty that equipping a sub-class gives you, which cancels out the effect of equipping these items.
- The Gladiator Blade has had its chances of inflicting statuses lowered and is now a 2 handed weapon. It also gives the user a 10% Defense penalty. This is to counterbalance the fact that it inflicts 3 different status effects.
- The Northern Keep dungeon is now fully operational. A chest and switch that were inoperable because of impassable tiles have now been fixed, and the quest can be completed. If you have good morality, you'll fight the Garuda boss, and if bad you'll fight the Dark Dragon boss.

In other news, Legionwood 2 will soon be going commercial. However, there will still be one more release before this comes to pass: as promised, the next release of the game (Beta 4.0) will become available very soon, adding the rest of Chapter 2 to the game and rounding off the first 10 or so hours of Legionwood 2's gameplay (roughly the first half of the overall game, which will be 20 hours long like Legionwood 1).

This Beta 4.0 build will be the final build of the game available for free (subsequent Beta builds will be released for registered beta testers only), and, following its release, the full game will begin retailing under the title of Heroes of Legionwood at the usual RPG Maker game portals, and Beta 4.0 will be replaced with the typical 1-2 hour commercial demo. At the moment, the price has not been set, but it will likely be no more than $9.95, and there will be plenty of opportunities for loyal players and beta testers to get their copy of the game for free. The full commercial release is currently slated for mid 2013 (still a long ways off) so, until then, please continue to consider Legionwood 2 to be a freely available RPG Maker game, and have fun.

Happy adventuring!

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